The performance is a real blind date. The meeting is arranged and prepared by  a “representative of Cocompany”  in the guise of scientific research/funny entertainment/spiritual practice/dating agency.  The meeting lasts just 10-15 min.  If the participant is agree to start the adventure, he or she gets a card with marked place and time of the meeting.
Usually, the meeting happens in 20-30 min in the local environment. It can happen in the café, or a park, or a corridor, even in the bathroom.
The meeting is a dynamic, personal and highly emotional process in which both parts find a way to interact in highly ambiguous situation.

Perfromed by Evgenia Chetvertkova, Michiyasu Furutani, Petra Majercikova

GlogauAIR, Berlin 2019 Cross Club, CrossFest, Prague 2019

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photo Michiyasu Furutani