Choreographed by Yuko Kaseki for PoemaTheatre

Inspired by images of Louis
choreography: Yuko Kaseki
performance: Yuko Kaseki, Vladimir Ermachenkov, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Milya Kashapova, Violetta Morozenko
sound: Eugene Kazakov
light: Elena Perelman
images: Leonid Selemenev

DK “Trekhgorka”
Moscow, 2016

CELL. Performance by Yuko Kaseki and PoemaTheatre from SyncUp on Vimeo.

Choreographed by Yuko Kaseki for PoemaTheatre


Choreographed by Alica Minar 

A dance piece for four dancers in which the humor that arises from the handling of the scenographic material, and the interest in the barely controllable physical energy emerging from anger, unite in a bizarre way and thus create a fairytale-like world of images.

The principle force of this piece is tension. We are going to play with you by diving deep into subjective experiences of strong emotions and then pull you out with humoresque situations keeping you on top of everything that is happening in front of you.
How do we reflect about the fact that we are part of an „angry society“ where violence is part of our daily lives? Through coping with expressive and disturbing, yet captivating scenes, EXPLOSION is triggering the process of spectators inner reflection on the topic. Do you enjoy being angry? Do you find people in amok bizarre or even funny? Do anger and violence scare you? Is it all too much to digest at the same time?

EXPLOSION addresses the contemporary phenomenon of living in an „angry society.“ Due to the constant stimulation from the environment, inner and outer tensions accumulate, so that the explosion seems to be the only way out.

MUSIC:Matouš Hej
DANCE:Caroline Alexander, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Lauri Lohi, Xenia Vlachou Kogchylaki

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 Images by Alicja Hoppel


The queer choral Schräger Vögel questions societal norms using the body and throat singing. While categories such as “harmony” and “euphony” represent dominant norms, “noise and guttural sounds” mutate into the critical alternative. Using their bodies and voices, the dancers perform personal mantras while they explore and experiment with the colossal acoustic dimensions of a sacred space.

Choreography Danilo Andrés
Performance: Rheremita Cera, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Tarlie Lumby, Cristina Negucioiu, Roc Gottschalk del Pozo, Elio Coulibaly-Berlin & Harald Stojan
Voice coaching: Rheremita Cera & Harald Stojan
Outside eye: Marlen Pflueger
Video documentation: Ādriān Ăngěhrn

CUNTethics and SQUATcanstellations

by Yuko Kaseki and Teo Vlad

An intermedia dance performance reflecting on different levels diverse perspectives of womens reality and stories, dedicated to experimental art as a medium of personal and collective healing.
At the border between East and West, focusing on forgotten and forbidden female stories, a group of Berlin artists and their guests embark on a journey through historical memories of spaces and cultures.

CUNTethics investigates the etymology and interpretation of devaluating names used for the female body and identity, from priestesses, queens, and goddesses to prostitutes, witches and property. SQUATconstellations provides an insight into the past of Berlin as an occupied city and a place of free expression rewriting a framework for future local perspectives.

Performed in Heizhaus Uferstudios and DOCK 11, Berlin

Created by Yuko Kaseki, Teo Vlad, Lea Kieffer, Mieko Suzuki, Maco, Lea Marie Uria, Francisca del Bosque Hundido, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Geraldine Mormin, Gabriela Cordovez, Birte Hendriks, Daniel Miranda, Naia Burucoa and other guest artists