The research  on participation has started within my MA studies and continued during the postgraduate period in different standard black box theatres (Acud Theatre, Ackerstadt Palace, Uferstudios), as a practice of site-specific actions and interventions in Cafe’s, Gallerys, Music and Dance Festivals, Christmas Markets, and other types of art-events.
During  the covid times the practice transformed itself in collaborative research on one-on one or two-on-one performative encounters and was supported by DISTANZ SOLO programme
Where we would create a fictional world, mostly with decorating the space, body-based performance (acting, dance, clowning, butoh, singing) of the characters, with some pre planned or improvised interactions with the visitors (conversations, games, dancing, writing, drawing etc). The dance, presence and play are the basic activities to approach the visitor.
The research includes exploration of devices which could work without a presence performer, such as set design, sound installations, series of posters, secret letters, telephone calls, video projections etc. And the research question could be how to transfer the necessary information through different channels in order to invite a certain mood or expectation.

The mode of participation could vary from distanced watching to the full immersion.

The topics I choose are poetry and magic in perception of reality, after death experience, identity and self.