Blind Date 
detailed description

The conditions

1. Dressing room for the “date performer” not accessible for the audience
2. The performance works the best at fesetivals, openings, conferences. Necessary condition is a crowd of people spending good time without a certain goal.

The structure

1. The “representative” of Cocompany is arranging meetings, one in half of an hour. While arranging the meeting he/she has a task to shape the attitude of the participant.  The representative may  mislead the expectations, so the meeting will be more surprising.
2. The representative sends the basic information about the participant, the location and time of the meeting to the “date performer”.
3. The “date performer” has around 10 min to choose an outfit (a costume or casual clothes) and be prepared at the location
4.  At the location the participant and the date performer should recognize each other. Sometimes participants prefer to stay not recognised, or 5-10 min of the meeting are spent as a “recognition game”.
5.  After the both sides have recognised each other, the “date performer”  switches to “copresence” mode to feel the state of a participant.  From this state he/she improvises unexpected actions, according to the situation.
6.  When the time runs out the date performer thanks the participant and runs back to the dressing room

up to 10 meetings per day are possible a participant can ask for a second meeting if they want

Further development

1.  Increase the amount of “date performers”.

2.  There are 2  performers assigned for each meeting: one is responsible for the “date interaction”, while the other prepares an unexpected intervention into the “date”
3.  The “date” can be followed by the next meeting (a letter or a telephone call)
4.  A date of 2 participants can be arranged
5.  A better relationship between a “legend” delivered to a participant by a “representative” and what happens at the date.