What do we do with participants or how it is supposed to work.
As  metioned above we try to create moments of mindful presence in-between people.   Usually performances are structured as series of hidden or exposed “excersises”. In the first case participants are offered to make a choice or action explicitly  led by a performer. In another case a performer is substituted by a “devise” - special environment, object, situation constructed to suggest a certain attitude or facilitate the action.One of the most intriguing research question for us is leading the attention of participants in situation of improvisation and the absence of the 4th wall. Therefore we often create situations, environments, where participants feel lack of information such as entering the unknown space, meeting the unknown person, make performers undestinguishable from participants and so on.  Often these strategies make a gap of “not knowing”,  create feeling of “suspence”, “unease”, “electicity in the air”.