Yeti dreams is a participative theatre performance for children and adults. 
The logic of New Year children narratives is completely changed. The snowflakes turn out to be evil aliens kidnapping a boy from the audience and transform him in yeti. While the yeti sleeps in a magic forest  everybody can see his dreams full of surrealistic charachters: woodcutter merries a lady Birch, snowmen learning to walk,  fauns are fishing stars from the sky. Of course these fairy-tale has a happy end. Aliens go back in their fur tree like space sheap and the Yeti becomes human again

Created with and performed by PoemaTheatre for a New Year celebration.
Supported by GRAUND gallery.
Choreogrphy and design by Evgenia Chetvertkova and Vladimir  Ermachenkov Performers:  Nazar Rakhmanov, Olga Krasnikh, Tanya Altapova,  Anastasia Sherbakova, Vladimir Ermachenkov, Nadezhda Nazarova, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Photo: Svetlana Selezneva