Created with and performed by PoemaTheatre as a choreographic excursion to an art history for Shusev State Museum of Architecture. The audience was invited to travel through a series of rooms together with the performers. In each room they watch a small sketch inspired by the major pieces of different art eras starting from the Ancient Egypt. 

choreography: Evgenia Chetvertkova
performance: Alina Lotkova, Olga Krasnikh, Vladimir Ermachenkov, Milya Kashapova, Violetta Morozenko, Marina Shilina, Ekaterina Georg, Artem Trushel
sound: Anna Zobova, Vladimir Derevjanko
technical support: Nazar Rakhmanov, Alexandr Pron’kin, Elena Perelman
photo: Sergey Kyrtikov
Moscow, 2017