in collaboration with Tarlie Lumby

Visitors of the lighthouse may have been drawn in by the light or by the drone of eternal waves… either way the quality of their interactions will trigger a collective mirage fading in and out as they enter deeper into the poetics of the space.
When you enter the Lighthouse you enter the realm of fantasies around topics of death and pleasure, a paradoxical state of aporia where there are no borders defined, the veil is thin and grief is mixed with laughter, death with birth, beauty with ugliness, descending to hell turns into ascending to heaven. 
We use clowning, butoh and improvisation techniques to welcome a nonjudgmental play, as a magical practice to dive and swim in  the dreams of each other…. and who knows if the storm will kill us or we are doomed to survive.

Formats: durational performance or 1 hour session for 1-2 participants

video by Veronica Storm
Grüntaler 9, Berlin