in collaboration with Nadezda Nazarova

The Castle is not a theater piece, not a show, not a game, not a therapy session, or even a performance in the format that you might be used to. This is a poetic performance in which the facilitators and guests create situations of various forms of communication through sound, dance, state, and conversation.

What's happening? What is the plot? What did they mean? How should I react? All of these questions can grab the guest's attention, but they are not the most important. The main thing is not the concept, but immersion in the poetry of the moment, exposure, non judgment, lightness in the unknown, the opportunity to be inspired and connect with oneself.

The Castle is a result of collaboration of choreographer, dancer Evgenia Chetvertkova and performer, sound artist Nadezda Nazarova during 2020-21 in Berlin, Prague, Moscow inspired by works and lives of Franz Kafka, Russian film director Aleksey Balabanov, Russian composer and experimental artist Sergey Kuryokhin, as well as interconnections of Berlin and Prague in Medieval times.

video by Oles Kotinsky
Cross Attic, Prague