Possibly Maybe


1. A crowd of people spending good time together without a certain goal:  public events as openings of exhibitions, conferences, festivals, markets
2. A “secret room” next to the main space 3. An access from the main space to a “secret room”
The Structure

1. We set up a cue navigating participants to a secret room avoiding explicit signs
2. Several partcipants create a line to the room, explicitly marking it’s existance 3. Inside the room one-on-one conversations and interactions with a performer happen. The Aim of the conversation is to shape expectations to what can potentially happen into the main space. 4.The participant leaves the secret room with the “alert” that something may happen, however, nobody knows what exactly it can be 5. There are several “secret agents” (planted perfromers) operating in the main space. They “occasionally” meet a participant after the conversation and propose some actions related to the experience which has happened in the secret room.  The aim of these actions is to “facilitate” the micro-event.

Further development

1. Research on coordination between the experience happening in the secret room and in the main space. 2. Explore possibilities to interwine “secret agents” in local environmet. 
3. Explore possibilities to approach participants through different media and devices: public audio anouncement, telephone call, another invitaion, etc