Performance in intersection of image , word and movement
They say that this strange hybrid of three mediums is a result of an artist being used and possessed by a concept of a black circle. Also the rumors say that this situation is similar to the one that happened to a famous Russian avangard painter in the beginning of century. Sometimes artists have no resistance to influence of shapes, colors, figures and words and are exposed to their violent attacks.

A BLACK CIRCLE as a FIGURE and a CONCEPT manifests itself through a performance, a theatrical piece. Idea of this form applied to a movement, a single word, a text, even to a sound opens up new ways of perception. A breath as a movement produces a sound that has particular letter to be indicated, this letter has a well known shape “O” that repeats a form of lips that create a movement to give birth to a sound. Black circle is everywhere as a shape, as a form, as a metaphor, as a fantasy, as a starting point, as an endless journey, as a frame of nothing, as an entrance to unknown, as a mental disease, as a system of rules, as a moving force. Black circle is waiting to infect your mind.
Beware of a black circle.

performance: Evgenia Chetvertkova
sound: Vadim Rumjantsev
video: Evgenia Chetvertkova
technical support: Georgio de Santis, Michiyasu Furutani
images: Subuddha Dadaware, Zoya Lauferberg

Berlin, 2017