Created with and performed by PoemaTheatre. Project “Out of the Forest” as conceptual art project pointed at the artist’s self-reflection as the most important theme of the whole festival. Thus the viewer was the witness or as well- a self-reflected artist. The project created a ritual of «suicide of the artist-artist». The content was only the relations of its appearance and an environment in the surrounding of a landscape, and also the quantity – hundred people (a crowd). The wood and hundred people in business suits… The most reflexing at this moment became another crowd – crowd of the audience. At the time of the performance the «artist-artist» got an opportunity to observe the correlation going from the crowd of the «audience-artists» (about 8,000 people).

concept/direction: Valentin Tszin
choreography: Evgenia Chetvertkova, Valentin Tszin
performance: PoemaTheatre and students
light: Elena Perelman
photo: Anastasia Blur, Evgeny Vtorov, Sergey Kyrtikov
Nikola Lenivets, 2013