Once in Siroko

site specific performance in cafe

A drunk couple is lying breathless at the entrance.  A broken bottle of vine and a cracked whater melon are on the floor. Some people are really not sure if it is a performance.  With sounds of music couple gets back to reality. They dance and invite the audience back in the cafe.   The sound of installation invites the visitors to look for some hidden chocolates and other objects under the tables, untill they find a script of a play.  The text suggests them to catch any objects thrown from the bar. So they do. The last object is the bartender himself, jumping in the arms of the audience. All together they go to the next room. All eyes are on the bartender, while a voice from the speaker reads his biography which is half real half faked.  Assuring that he is absolutely free, bartender jumps out of the window (the first floor) and invites the audience to follow.
Those, who dare to follow him enter a small inner yard and have a shower of soap balloons from a balcony above. The voice from the speaker tells them: now they are in the space where everything is possible.
A white rabbit comes to invite visitors to the basement. When everyone is inside the light is switched off. The voice wellcomes the audiences in the world where everything is possible. White rabbits start softly hug people in the darkness.   The light comes with  party music.
Created and performed by Evgenia Chetvertkova, Michyasu Furutani, Katerina Kadievic, Katarina Mala, Martin Pavlik, Tomas Brabeceniphoto: Hedvika Dreceni

Performance was developed during residence in Budweis, supported by Kredance and cafe Siroko


Hedvika Dreceni