Two versions of a piece were created  with and performed by PoemaTheatre for 2  site-speciefic festivals Archstoyanie 2015 and Open Streets festival 2014Lets imagine a situation: a group of ladies and gentlemen find themselves on the desert island. Let’s say they dont have problems with water and food and they are immortal. What kind of games will they play to overcome the boredome and bring sense to their existence.

choreography: Evgenia Chetvertkova
performance:  Vladimir Ermachenkov, Olga Krasnikh, Nadine Nazarova, Tanya Altapova, Violetta Morozenko, Svetlana Karimova, Anastasiya Sherbakova, Emil Agaev
images: Evgeny Vtorov, Olga Chicherinova
Moscow, 2014, Nikola-Lenivets, 2015