Performance in between image, text and movement

The main question of this performative research is “What is now?” in terms of time and space.
In our everyday life Now is a moment of time that lasts less than one second . It is a very short period of time that allows us to obtain certain amount of experience of so called life. Regarding to this ability of perception we make concepts of past and future, here and there, real and not real and would be able to continue this row of binary oppositions on and on.
But what if there is someone whose perception of now is one hour. What then?
In our everyday life we have our bodies which are material and normally associated with ourselves. Regarding to these flesh tools we can live so called life, we can exist, we can perceive and produce another row of such concepts as me and not me, internal and external, thoughts and actions and so on.
In this performance she is playing around boundaries of those concepts using her body, voice, objects and audience attention.
“I AM HERE” is a marker of her activity in zones of body movement, thoughts and emotional intentions and in between them that she regard as a dance.

performance: Evgenia Chetvertkova
sound: Evgenia Chetvertkova
technical support: Mariana Nobre Vieira, Michiyasu Furutani
images: Subuddha Dadaware

Berlin, 2017