Folding/unfolding is a birthday — a celebration of your birth, and a yearly reminder of your march towards death. It’s a stiff north wind and a sip of hot coffee. It’s your head above water and your body in space. And it's a walk down memory lane, the dead end street where you grew, with the mailboxes full of butterflies and nightmares

Folding/unfolding would be an example of a performance that is based rather on the strategies of composition, than on a specific topic. Perhaps the working question would be… how can we improvise a participative performance from “o”, navigating between dancing, acting, and story-telling, where each episode in a sequence becomes a “frame” for the next one. Or it would be possible to compare our work with the dj-ing, we have some invented participative structures, but we mix them live and with a personal approach. We have always had one participant and tried to invent something personal and specific.

In collaboration with Evan Swisher

Grintaler 9, Pollution studio, Berlin