A performance created with and performed by PoemaTheatre for Moscow Burning Man Decompression festival.“the fetival” took place in moscow factory “Silk”. When I saw the place for the first time it was so raw  and abandoned. Immediately  I magined a small, lonely sailors walking in the darkness, looking their mind and hope to get out of cold concrete dusty building. As it usually happens the concrete goes together with techno. So did I trying to combine the image of russian traditional sailor dance with the music.

choreography: Evgenia Chetvertkova
performance: Ekaterina Tarnovskaya, Liza Vladimiriva, Maria Tirskaja, Milya Kashapova, Violetta Morozenko,  Nazar Rakhmanov, Alina Lotkova, Olesya Zhuravleva
images: Evgeny Vtorov
Moscow, 2015