First of all, participants are invited to a short preliminary registration in the “office” of Cocompany During the registration – one on one personal appointment -  they go through a conversation reminding a psychological test or “psychomagic” exercises, or a recruiting an agent for a specific mission. During this meeting, participants are secretly divided in 2 groups.

At the beginning of the main event, participants are redirected to 2 opposite entrances to the space of the event, accordingly to the group division. Soon they find out (from the beginning it is not obvious) that the other group is behind the curtain participating in different type of activity.

Slowly the curiosity rises up. There is special “transferring service” arranged between the halves of the room. Those lucky participants who are offered a transfer receive a “surprising treatment” in-between curtains, which prepares them for the entering the second half of a space.

The environment and a set up are completely different in both parts and designed in a way to set different contracts or scores or rules of participation

In the first half is named “C” – “Chaos”. Participants are proposed to change their clothes to the bathrobes offered by Cocompany. The lights, the hazer, and the sound atmosphere remind sauna. Soon participants figure out that the light and the sound react to their movement in the space

The second half is named “O” – “Order”. Directly after entering the space participants are forced to stay in line by the line dividers, waiting until called by one of the 3 performers. 2 of those are exposed while the third one is awaiting behind the screen. The appointments happen in front of the waiting line and are led by performers. They lasts only 3 minutes and are focused on experience of body-based interactions and attention to shared presence. The third performer represents Marilyn Monroe.

At the end of the event, the curtains get open… while a figure falls down from the rope. This “incident” becomes a final point of the event and an invitation to the divided groups to interact and share the experience.


  For this event 3 connected spaces are the best option   A big hall (1), a s smaller room/foyer/ corridor(2) , and a room for the audience to redress(3) + a room for the preliminary registration of participants is an advantage
a big hall app measurements
            max   min
height  7          4

width    20     10
lenght   40      20

Curtain system

Black box divided approximately in the middle by 2 layers of thick black not transparent curtains. The distance between 2 layers of curtains  1,5m min,  3 m max. A small rectangular space with a black table in between curtains separated by additional curtain  -  a “hidden” artist room. 4 entrances in each layer of curtains available for the audience to come through Entrances to both parts of divided space available for the audience. Waking distance from 1 entrance to another shouldn’t be more than 5min No dance floor, no tribunes are required

Regie The regie is located in one of the parts of the divided room (the bigger one if the curtains are not in the centre). The regie should be constructed in a way to make the light and the sound persons invisible for the participants and provide good visibility for them (for light and sound persons).  It should be big enough for 2 people and a big tech table.  Life streaming video system  2 video cameras are placed in the corners of each halves of the space. Both cameras send a picture to the monitor 1 in the “hidden” artist room. One camera sends a picture from the “Line” to the monitor 2 in the “invisible regie” in “Sauna”.

Equipment for a set
1.      Black table or a table covered by black fabric for a “hidden room”
2.      1  chair
3.      App 8 stands for ballet bars  and a rope or line dividers 4.     2  video cameras sending signals to the monitors in the secret artist room 9.      2 monitors
5.  2 “Madonna” radio microphone sets
6.  1 radio microphone
7  2 hangers for jackets