Site-specific participatory performance for the theatre space. This is an event that happens in theatre space and is a hybrid of a performance and a participative video installation with a blurred beginning and end. The performance is structured as a journey through the labyrinth of rooms, where a chain of theatrical tools is designed in a way to focus imagination and emotional experience around the topics of near-death experience, love, friendship, personal relations and precious intimate moments of life.

A composition of events guide a visitor to a highly emotional point when they are proposed to make a confession in front of the camera followed by open-ended meeting with another visitor, who just had similar experience of the ultimate honesty.

Directed by Evgenia Chetvertkova

performed by Anna Shraer, Pauline Payen, Alexander Windner Lieberman, Violetta Morozenko, Evgenia Chetvertkova

filmed by Double Chris, Karolina El Lobo

sound design by Whizard Ashdod

Technical Support by  Daniel Voskresensky and Atem Sokolovsky
Photo: Double Chris

Acud Theater, Berlin, July 2019