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Bodypoetry / Movement Improvisation Class

Tuesdays, 19.00-21.30, 13 March-22 May
This durational course provides exercises and environment to develop better connections to your own body as a tool of creative expression. That means we are going to work on developing ourselves in several directions.

- physical training. Makes body strong, fast, sensitive, expands variety of possible ways it may exist, shapes it may take, emotions it may express. It is a necessary fundament that also teaches you how to be fully involved in a process.

- tasks that force movement creativity . Provide a field for experiments and personal research in terms of individual movement language. It is about how to bring imagination into a body and enhance imagination by using your body. It is about working on movement images and creating characters. It is about embodiment.

- improvisational tasks teach how to use expressive body language freely and be able to respond fast to any kind of dance/movement situations, what to do with time, momentum, space and other bodies.
Acud Theater, Veteranenstrasse 21, 10119 Berlin Mitte
To register send an email: ev.chetvertkova@gmail.com
If you have any questions: 0163 9272458