Embodied metaphor: movement, state, context.

Dates: 25,27,28,29 November. 17:00-21:00
Attention: we skip November, 26
Presentation, open to the public on Saturday, November, 30
Prior registration is required: https://forms.gle/NTAaX4iW6W7m9isEA

I invite dancers, performers, actors and everyone who is interested in movement and self-development to dive into improvisational artistic practice developed through years of creating choreography for myself and other people. I call this practice “body poetry”. It operates through metaphors, associations, and meanings, usually avoiding verbal definitions.
In the series of exercises we will explore following topics:
1. Approach to the states: qualities of body presence and movements
2. Improvised body characters: how to invite the guests.
3. What works here and now? Immediate personal response to the context
4. Co-presence as a starting point of interaction with a spectator
We will learn how to connect the state of mind, emotion, inner visualizations with the quality of movement and use this connection as a source to create immediate poetical response to the context. Day by day tuning interrelation between the embodied state and the movement we will create material for a performance presentation.

Registration: https://forms.gle/NTAaX4iW6W7m9isEA

Place: Glogauair, Glogauer str 16, 10999, Berlin